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Telma and Carson – Springbank Links

I knew I’d love working with Telma and Carson the minute they stepped into the studio for the consultation. Carson had a few technical questions regarding file compression, colour space and bit depth which gave me a chance to “nerd-out” over some of the more esoteric parts of being a wedding photographer. I actually take great pride in my background knowledge of digital photography, I consider it an integral part in getting clients images that print and showcase well across different media. It’s one thing to look good on screen but it’s another to print well and I’m a sucker for the tactile quality of a print or album. Telma has a great sense of humour, loved to laugh and cracked me up a few times. So when the day came we weren’t surprised at that it was going to be fantastic. Thank you to both Carson and Telma – truly enjoyed working with you!

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